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Happy Children

The Beaverton Black Parent Union views connecting to nature as an essential strategy to restoring our ancestral wisdom and culture into modern daily life and healing from the racial traumas of the past. Africans were transported to the western hemisphere lands not only as means of labor, but also due to their expertise in agriculture, as is evidenced by the history of wet-rice farming in South Carolina’s gold cost, a method originating in west Africa. “Nature” in west African ideologies holds meaning beyond food production, but also medicinal gifts, spiritual sustenance, provision of materials goods for housing, clothing, and ritual, and of course the foundation of important social and community activities.


In the summer, we encourage BBPU members to come together in one of our local parks and walk, run, bike, rollerblade, or however they choose to stroll that day. We offer educational tours and sometimes music and snacks to add some flavor!  Sunday Soul Strolls is a way for us to encourage each other to get physical exercise,  bring our members together outdoors, and enjoy sharing space with one another and learning about the parks and nature preserves available in the Beaverton and surrounding areas. 

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