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BBPU Summer Academy 2022

Storytime with Araceli

Wednesday 8/10  and Thursday 8/11 at 9:00 - 9:30am

Professor: Araceli Acosta

A 30 min. interactive storytime for PreK-1st Grade! We will read picturebooks written and/or illustrated by Black authors, play with a parachute and finish with a craft.


Recommended Ages: Pre-K -1st grade

Exploring Nature

Monday 8/8 through Friday 8/12  from 10am - 12pm

Professors: Dori King and Kesia Tosh

In this class students will learn about plants, trees, wildlife and ecology by exploring various species that live in the Fanno Creek Trail park, next to the BBPU Black Family Center!

Recommended Ages: 2nd Grade - High School

African Immigrant Experience

Monday 8/8, Tuesday 8/9  from 1-2pm

Professor: Nasteha Mohamed

This class is a class the addresses the experience of Black African first-generation immigrants.

Recommended Ages: Middle School, High School

Global Business 101

Professor: Haben Woldu

Wednesday 8/10, Thursday 8/11, Friday 8/12 from 1-2pm

This class will go over skills to help high school students manage stress and better regulate their moods during these unprecedented times. Participants will learn tools for recognizing and shifting negative thought patterns. Participants will also learn behaviors that support optimal mental health and help to overcome negative mood states.

Recommended Ages: Middle School, High School

Finding Your Creative Voice

Professor: Jordan Thierry

Monday 8/8, Tuesday 8/9, Wednesday 8/10 from 2-4pm. 

In this class we will engage in different mediums of storytelling and creativity in ways that help us overcome fear of sharing our creative expressions, and get students comfortable experimenting with different art forms such as writing, acting, photography, and drawing. The class will feature guest speakers who are Black creative artists.

Recommended Ages: 4th Grade up through High School

Creative Podcast Institute

Thursday 8/11 and Friday 8/12  from

Professor: Janita Jones

This class will provide students with the opportunity to use a podcast studio and learn how to make a podcast; students will be encouraged to bring in podcast ideas based on content from the "Finding Your Creative Voice" class as well as others.

Recommended Ages: 4th Grade up through High School

Black Poets and Poetry 101

Monday 8/8 through Thursday 8/11 from

Professor: Glori Johnson

This class will help you to explore some of the great black poets of our time and also give children the opportunity to learn how to write various poems, using their creativity and art to express themselves.

Recommended Ages: 4th -5th Grade, Middle School, High School

Smart Money Management (virtual)

Monday 8/8, Tuesday 8/9, Wednesday 8/10 from 6-7pm

Professors: Oluwatosin Iyasele, Joelliane (Tucci) Iyasele, Wilson Tao

This class will cover Budgeting, Savings, Banking, types of loans, credit cards/ debit cards/ credit scores, and investing.

Recommended Ages: 3rd - 5th grade, Middle School, High School

To Be Black and Free:
The Maroon Society (Virtual)

Thursday 8/11 from 6-8pm

Professors: Justice Rajee, Desiree Williams Rajee

This class will be an introduction to the history of maroon communities in the African diaspora during the continental slave trade through to the end of the US civil war. The class will have a particular focus on the presence of maroon communities in the US, related forms of resistance to oppression, and the unique ways enslaved people fought for liberation. We will close with a discussion of what a maroon resistance would look like in our current society.

Recommended Ages: Middle School, High School

Black Hair and All that Jazz (Virtual)

Friday, August 13th
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Professor: Janeen Smith

Black Hair and All That Jazz is a presentation that focuses on the illustrious history of descendants of the African diaspora. The history predates slavery and brings us to present day. In the presentation we will discuss Black hairs as royalty, addressing and debunking stereotypes. This presentation incorporates spoken word, hair tips and tricks, and addresses the history of hair petting. This presentation will also address stereotypes and offensive language that continue to manifest within the Black community.

Recommended Ages: All ages! Parents welcome too. 

Black Student Union Leadership Institute

Saturday, 8/13 from 10am - 4pm 

Facilitators: Susan Elliot, Jordan Thierry, and more

The BSU Leadership Institute will bring students involved in the Black Student Unions together to talk about how to run a BSU, how to increase members, put on great programs, and organize for change in your school, school district, and community.

Recommended Ages: 8th Grade + High School

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