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Happy Family


Make Beaverton Livable for All Black People

We organize and advocate for policy and systems change that improves housing affordability, law enforcement practices, economic opportunity and community engagement in city and county decision-making. 

Eliminate Barriers to Success & Learning

What is holding students back from being happy and successful in school? We advocate for systemic changes required to ensure that our young people have everything they need to access a high quality education and the supports necessary for them to succeed.

Increase Culturally Relevant Tools & Spaces

From our Soul Strolls to our curriculum advocacy we work to ensure our Black families have access to culturally relevant experiences. In partnership with schools, parks, and local government we develop programming and practices that respond to our community needs and values.

Increase Black Educators & Staff

We have 54% students of color in BSD, but only 14% teachers of color. Research finds that students of color do better academically and socially when they have teachers of color. We advocate for more Black teachers, administrators, health professionals and para-educators in BSD. 

Build Community & Celebrate Black Joy

It isn't all about the struggle. We aim to connect children and families in the community, and create spaces to be together and celebrate our joy through barbecues, film screenings, game nights, and cultural events. 

Promote Health & Wellness

We understand that systems of oppression have detrimental impacts on our physical, mental and emotional health. We work to promote upstream & proactive strategies to address this via community supports, healing modalities, physical activity and connecting to nature. 

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