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How Great is Zimbabwe!

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Teacher Bio:

Born, raised and educated in Zimbabwe, Dr. Joy Mutare Fashu Kanu migrated to the US in 1997. While employed at Inner City Broadcasting Corporation in New York City, Joy also served at the largest HIV/AIDS support agency, Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) from 1999-2002.

Joy has taught Sociology at Cazenovia, Lemoyne and Onondaga Community Colleges as well as Syracuse University and currently lives in West Linn, OR with her husband Samuel and their three children. Joy loves the outdoors, loves to knit and loves to laugh.

Joy founded and serves as Executive Director of PiTaV, Inc. ( tobeablessing @


She is currently in the Sociology Department at Portland State University where she also teaches.

Class Date/Time: August 20, 2021 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm

What You'll Need: Computer, Internet access, note pad and pen. 

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